Cali Vintage Misfire 2500rpm

Can anybody help? I have a Cali Vintage 2007 which has a persistent misfire at around 2500 revs on part throttle, usually when going around town or slow corners. It has always done it every now and again but is now going through a phase where it happens regularly. It has been on a gas analyser and the throttle bodies are balanced and it is in good order but now is becoming very annoying - is there anything that can be done?? Thanks Nog.

Guessing you’ve checked the usual suspects of plugs, fuel flow & quality, air & fuel filters.Had a problem with the EV which was cured by going to a straight through H piece in the exhaust and setting the tappets to the raceco gaps as noted in a recent thread here.Best of luckSteve

Hi Nog. Check out the thread I instigated a couple of weeks back on a similar problem. Premium unleaded has helped a bit and I intend to adjust the tappet clearances to those recommended by Raceco when I get the opportunity;


at around 2500 revs on part throttle, usually when going around town or slow corners

Do you mean that it’s like hesitation? It sounds the same as when my TPS was faulty.

Alot of FI bikes have this problem

  1. use the super unleaded
  2. get the bike re set by dealer ESPECIALLY if it is still in warranty

IF in warranty Me I would not even check the plugs it would be straight back to a dealer pronto. BUT the 2v V11 Le Mans had that cured by

  1. Super unleaded (NB Sainsburys IS BP fuel so OK)

  2. Coppergrease on the lambada sensor…

My bikes don’t do it and you can’t get super-bullpoo-get more money from you-unleaded in ireland. mo_biker2013-04-22 20:56:03

Myself i would get the mixture reset to around 4% on the CO2 ,I dont know if this model has a Lamba sensor.But my old cali benfited from the richer mixture.
If it has Lamba sensor talk to Dave 940v

As a thought, have you tried a good old fashioned Italian tune up. ie give it a 50 mile thrashing. it works wonders.

Yes, I was thinking along those lines.If the CO has been set at idle then it might well be running lean further up the rev range. I’ve found 3%-4% at around 3k rpm works well.

Thanks everyone.

Unfortunately the bike isn’t in warranty and coming up for 25k miles. It has been a minor problem every now and again on and off since I had the bike which is 20k miles ago but now it’s persistent It’s been on a gas analyser and checked out at a dealer but nothing shows up. Bike does have a lamda sensor and it has the H pipe fitted. Super unleaded doesn’t make any difference as I have run the bike on that and standard unleaded. Bike also has new plugs and new fuel filter. I set the tappets myself at 15 inlet and 18 exhaust and have done for many years. Other than that the bike is fine in all other respects. Frustrating to say the least.

Refer you to the posts of Tone and myself above.Was the CO set at idle or further into the rev range?If set at idle then there is a possibility of it leaning out at higher revs, so it is sometimes better to go higher on the CO than specified.

Thanks for all your input. Latest thing I have done is clean all electrical connections, all fuses and relays checked and cleaned and bike still does it BUT I have been riding it and riding it and it now seems to be coming back to where it was. It still does it now and again but its not the problem it was two or three weeks ago, so I am not really any the wiser, so I shall put it down to that ‘special’ Moto Guzzi effect!!!

More like some crap fuel, changing fuel filters regularly also helps … We have had problems with all of the bikes over the past year every one was fuel.

The pipes flaking from the inside
Filters clogged
Red grains and black flakes from gunge in fuel and bits of fuel pipe in the carb float bowls

If you have a FI bike some copper grease around the O2 sensor also helps.

Where do you live?Mel Robinson is a fi expert but lives in Glagow which may be a trek.

From SE England, yes.