Cali Vintage

Hello all. I have a chance to buy a 2010 Vintage. Is there any great difference between it and my 2004 EV (apart from the obvious)? Are there any common faults to look out for. I’m asking as this bike is a long long way from home and I want to ask the right questions. Many thanks in advance, George.

Hi George

I had a look at one of these , supposedly vgc but was rough bought old stock black eagle instead ,ask the seller to photo the rear shocks. The panniers are fixed that should give you an idea how it has been looked after , might save along trip

Good luck


A friend of mine found it cramped compared to an older Guzzi he’d had; the seat was at a different height in relation to the footboards. Someone else I met had one for a while and now regrets selling it. So, as always, it’s a very personal thing.

I have one, it is much smoother than my special sport, faster but has lost some of the lumpy guzzi feel compared to my old bike.I have done over 3,500 miles on mine since getting it in April and have no regrets. MPG is very good at 60 to 65.