Cali wire help please

Trying to get the barn find ready to start but need some help withe the wires at the kill switch. There is a small cable with 2 spades that comes out of the twist grip block turns and goes back. I thought there were 2 spades at the block but cannot see them, they do not seem to be inside either. Am I blind, stupid, thick or have I lost something. Help please, regards Harry

I could be wrong but I thought kill switch wiring was part of the multi-way plug block harness for the RH cluster, as per the left, no spades. (?) DIY bodge of some sort?

Think it’s original . It’s a 97 made ev registered 2000, wires come out of the main cable in the switch block under the cable clamp ,Ron 2inches turn and go back to the block but no spades to attach to. Been cable tied since new by the looks of it.

Would these be the wires for the brake light switch? -colours?

It MAY be possible that it is a bypass for the kill switch.

Now before I am shot down in flames and told there isn’t a bypass I am aware of that, BUT, not long after getting my 1000S I tried to turn it off using the kill switch and it wouldn’t turn off. I opened up the switch to find that a previous owner had soldered the 2 kill switch wires together giving the switch a permanent live , or “run”, and had butchered the switch in the process. Although I use the key to switch the bike on and off I do realise that a kill switch can be useful on occasions and redid the soldering giving me a working kill switch.
Because of the damage previously done to the switch, and the possiblilty of it not working properly, I have wired up a ‘bypass’. I connected two wires to the wires of the kill switch at the headstock area routed them down to the side panel area so if in the event of the kill switch failing to work, due to it’s previous bodge, I can connect the new wires together and have the ‘live /run’ position.
Now, I’m not saying that is what the two wires are but it may be a possibility that there has been a problem with the kill switch and bypass wires have been fitted.

What colour are the wires?

On reflection I think McFuzzi has cracked it , the complete front brake system is off the bike so will check later. Thanks again for the help, great place this forum