Cali'3 front wheel brings

Anyone know the number for the front wheel bearings for my cast wheeledCali’ 3?I know I can get them from Gutsibits, but probably cheaper at a bearing supplier.

So you answered you own question.
Measure OD ,ID ,width Fully sealed.And pop into your bearing guy.

Aldi do a very nice Digital caliper for 9.99

Rather buy before removing, Already have a Mitutoyo vernier.typing on a tablet is a pain, hence the spelling error. Anorak time: A 150mm vernier can pass calibration and still be 0.02 in error1150GS2013-12-05 19:44:26

Front wheel bearings 2 off 6004 2RS 20x42x12

Lists of bearings and much other parts here
look in …Links…the Australian Guzzi site

thanks guys.

Are FAG bearing OE?check the replies on this thread

Bought skf.

Well with these MG bearings there will be no problem
Get some bearing lock while at the factors.

I used to be in engineering inspection,Grannie sucking eggs comes to mind.

You could use a steel rule

I still am in QC.

That was quick, bearings arrived about an hour ago!!!

The bearings were a pleasingly easy job.

the AIGOR site lists this info look in the links section