California 1100 rear rack

OK how does the rear rack come off my Cali 1100!

I’m looking to replace the rear shocks on the bike and the front mount for the rack goes over the upper front shock mount so can’t get them off without out removing the rack first as far as I can see

The only other mount I THINK I can see is a bolt from inside the mudguard.

This has been liberally coated with water and other “carp” for the past 19 years so I’m a bit cautious about tackling that without a good coat of thinking first !!

Tris This is a job i did job this winter and yes you need a Allan key inside the mud guard as well as the obviouse bolts. Do not ping the reflectors of and end up gluing back on no point…What shocks did you buy?

Hi Colin

I was going to write to you once I remembered last night that you had put the Hagons on yours!

… and guess how I worked out taking the reflector off wasn’t the way in

I ended up with a second-hand pair of Koni dial-a-rides in fab condition so we’ll see how we go.

I must admit that I’m not over thrilled about trying to extract a couple of cap head screws that have been exposed to the weather for 19 years

How did the Scottish mission go?tris2014-05-14 07:29:51

Mine were Alan keys and came out easy…

Did you take the wheel off?

It was out anyway as was the swing arm!