california 3 clocks and headlight etc

Hi, I have a california 3 which had the huge full fairing with integral clocks and warning lights, I have removed this and now need clocks warning lights and headlamp etc from the non faired model to make roadworthy again if anyone has any they have removed. Thanks Fred

Hi Fred
I’ll have a look in the garage loft, I think I have a full set.

Hi Don, that would be great. Thanks

These are they. They are in reasonable condition, the plastic has split a bit where they mount on the yoke, but look to be useable.

California clocks. by Don West, on Flickr

California clocks. by Don West, on Flickr

Hi Don have sent you a pm. Fred

This is what I did with my Cali 3, just a cheap car sat nav bought off facebook marketplace for a tenner. I have stuck it on top of the clocks on mine with double sided foam adhesive. The screen protects it from the weather

Fuse box rewired by Don West, on Flickr

That sat nav looks almost factory fit on there. Good idea :bulb: will look into that.