California EV 1100 lights intermittent

Son is currently in Italy on my California Ev and following a couple of wet rides has developed a problem with the main headlamps and the general dash board lights not working unless the front and rear brakes are applied. The bike has been sound as a pound since I had it for the last 5 years. Any suggestions or similar experiences.

Just the usual get-you-home ruse with WD-40 to expel water from switchgear and connectors,
Only replying to show we care :blush:


AS Phil-t says the answer could be a quick spray of WD40 or better still a spray of Electrical Switch Spray, a good few years ago I rode my Cali EV a few miles without a screen, it started to rain heavy and I did notice the oil warning light had came on, and would not go out, likewise one of the other warning lights, back home a quick dryout with some spray and replacement of the screen and out for a quick spin and all was right agaIn, hopefully that will be one way to cure your problem

go check the wiring as it comes around the headstock on the rhs , bet you there is a broken earth/power wireÂ

I had some really weird things happen when the earth lead to the plug inside the headlight shell fell orfff


It appeared that you could be right about the severed cable. Not sure which one but apparently the main feed cable was severed where ever that was. Bike in Italy so not sure of progress - keep you posted