California EV 1999 oil breather

Now preparing to split engine from gear box I am disconnecting large hose feeding what is presumably the oil  return feed located at the top of the crank case at the rear. I assume there is a solid pipe back to the sump inside the clutch housing as with my old lemans. Disconnected the fat hose and had loads of thick creamy liquid oozing out of this pipe. What perplexes me is that this hose connects to the frame at the other end just behind the head stock. There is another smaller hose connecting to the frame in this way which connects into the air box. What is going on here? Is this progress? Is the frame part of the breather system?

Any guidance welcome but will press on tomorrow regardlessÂ

I believe all the late tonti bikes breathe through the frame, when rebuilding my 1000s I did away with this system, Â (keeping the emulsified oil out of the system), I linked the 2 head breathers together and ran a tube from the big crankcase breather to a catch tank, keeping the top hat/ball bearing in place.
Works a treat,

+1 :slight_smile:
Noted that the EV produced more ‘mayo’ than Tonti bikes.
All the best