California EV fuel pump issue

Having issues with fuel pump on california EV. Bike is in Italy. Son had problems with lights and dash lights only coming on when both brakes applied but this now seems to be sorted. It appeared to stem from a ride in the rain without the fairing which was off for cleaning. The remaining problem appears to be the fuel pump. No noise of it priming when the side stand is retracted and the ignition is on. Any pointers or suggestions welcome as to some diagnostics or cure.


as per normal with Cali EV’s look at the relays and swap them around, all the fuses on my 1997 Cali Ev are the same rating, nor sure re the later models, if yours are all the same (15 amps) swap them around, if no joy unclip the big long connector block from the side of the Electronic Control Unit and then replace firmly, sometimes due to the banging down of the front part of the seat in order to lock it the nearby connector can losen itself, has happened once or twice on my EV, my 1997 EV has the fuel pump behind the left hand side panel if yours is the same check the wiring from the pump, two ring connectors of different sizes are used these two wires go to a small connector block near the battery, but I have never had any problem with this block, but its only a 2 minute job so check it anyhow, if yours is a behind the side panel pump and it is found to be naff check out local Car Electics shops I fitted a Bosch 0580464070 pump (goggle “Bosch 0580464070”,) that was two years ago, no problem since, but as the bike is in Italy your son should check out the local Guzzi dealers prices first. the Bosch pump is a very universal unit so should be available anywhere. there are also other brands which will do the job, these pumps are also turning up on E-bay but beware the very low cost ones as they are copies of the Bosch unit and therefore of unknown long term quality.

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