California EV wiring issues :s

Just rebuilding my California ev 1997, nearly done but :a) have one
wire with a single wire with conector on end connector (green/black)
cant find where to connect it its near front right hand side of bike
above engine, anyone have any idea’s?b) A thick black battery type
wire, aprox 9" long, think one end goes to battery, but not really sure
where the other end goes, starter motor maybe or to frame ?Any ideas whould save me from this headache and get me back on the road cheers

thesubmachine2014-07-19 22:23:12

You should have 2 of them big fat wiresOne goes from the +ve battery terminal to the starter solenoid.The other goes from the battery -ve terminal to one of the bolts in the top of the gearbox that holds the battery plate down in place. make sure they both make good contact so clean everything well and smear a bit of vaseline on when you have them nice and tight.No idea about the green and black wire. The wiring diagram in colour can be found hereIt shows several green and black wires, to the left hand indicator wiring.Hopefully someone else with a greater knowledge can chip in with some direct experience of the Cali. The other way is to throw the battery in and see what doesn’t work.The terminal on the end looks a bit like the oil pressure sensor connector or the neutral light contact.

Don-Spada2014-07-19 23:01:46

Ahh a colour wiring diagram fantastic Thank youThe wire I can’t seem to find the connection for is the one coloured green below? Still have no idea…

thesubmachine2014-07-25 11:32:43