California rear brakes

Is there some trick to removing the pin holding the pads in? Had it all apart yesterday and couldn’t get the little sod to move! I don’t need to change them desperately but had it all apart to give it a clean and want to know how to get it out when I do need to change. And yes, I did remove the little spring clip!!!

On the plus side, in the tinkering I got my high beam and indicator lights working again!


it is not easy if they are stuck … plus gas on them very carefully then leave it, i am told coke can also work but never tried it. Then it is a matter of a drift and hitting it very very straight, if the damn pin bends you need a dremmel… guess how I know?.. once out replace with stainless pins available from parts suppliers and

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use a thin smear of coppergrease when putting them back in once done they will come out with some pliers and a strung tug. I get mine out, copper grease them every 66 mths

Ok, so all I needed was brute force! The stupid thing rotates but just didn’t want to move back. Anyway, thanks for clearing that up - will give it a go this weekend

Yeh they should pull out but rarely do I tend to use the small socket set’s long extension and tap it, not usually that hard But i HAVE ONCE IN THE 20+ YRS BENT A PIN AND THAT WAS A TOTAL GIT TO SORT OOPS sorry cap lok i hit it cos me fingers is too fat

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Which Cali Mark?Steve

Hi Steve, it’s a 2002 EV ThanksMark

Hi Mark,Sorry for the slow response.The reason I asked which bike is that the calipers vary.The later EV’s have the Gold calipers also used on later Ducatis.Pretty sure yours will have the “sliding” caliper arrangement on the back which if prone to seizure and worth looking at.I found that a good wash of the caliper after liberal application of brake cleaner (aerosol from the Poundshop) made things easier.I used a small plastic/rubber mallet and an old 3/8" extension bar with the end squared off to start off the pin before taking the caliper off its bracket and lifting to an easier working height. All the best,Steve