California Vintage 2007 ; 2 daft questions

Here we go. Does anybody know why my California doesn’t have a battery charging light? Also why is there a choke lever when its fuel injected? Told you, but does anybody have any credible answers other than “its a Guzzi”? Cheers.

Never had one but I believe the “choke lever” is actually a fast idle control, to stop it stalling when cold. When it’s warmed up enough to idle normally, the lever can be backed right off.

As for the other, guess they thought it’s unnecessary.

Thanks Mike, love it, mechanical fast idle! As for the charge light, I didn’t think it was unnecessary when I got stranded miles from home with no power in the battery. Always listen to your mate when he says your headlight looks a bit dim. Btw looks like you have a combo. The California is the offside to a Monza sidecar.

Yes I have a Ural combo.