calli vintage

And now its having gear selection issues,the alloy arm on the back of the gbox is loose on the splines even altho the bolt as tight as tight can be…wheel out, swing arm pivot bolts out so I can see whats going on and the pinch bolt is tight because there no gap for it to pinchup on|!! grrrr. top quality yet again…
My next door neighbour must get so bored with his new Honda 600,he never does anything to it! He out on his this evening, I fixing mine…

Friend of mine from a few miles away also owns a Vintage and he did say on Monday night that he is having problems with changing gears, I did say it could be the linkage working loose but as he dont know one end of a spanner from the other he is taking it to a local bike shop to sort out! must be rich!, I did think about taking a look at it for him but with some people once you do that it becomes never ending. you could shim the thing out with a strip of metal from some thing like a beer can, but it must be a decent ale none of this John Smiths Smoooooth or stuff like that.
northwest2013-09-05 22:25:05

its sorted,removed the alloy pivot from gearbox splined shaft, ran a hacksaw down the slot to widen it a couple of mm, refitted, tightened up a treat…
Its a sod to get at tho, not fun at all. Glad I got a hydraulic bench and a missus wiv small fingers to get the allen bolt back in!

I was going to suggest file the gap bigger or something like that.

Know what that’s like!

then found it was one spline too far round and gear lever fouled frame! so, stripped out swing arm completely this time to get at it properly…refitted and all ok now, dismayed at amount of corrosion appearing on brackets et et…not good at 12mths old and garage kept, dried after use in rain, waxed et et.
|Little wonder Guzzi a niche player in the world market, they call themselves a prestige brand with heritage! grr.
Have Guzzi not heard about corrosion resistance materials? |Lovely bike, pooh preparation/plating et.

On the V1000 the gear change is the same, once every now and again (twice in 25 yrs) he damn thing works loose and the selector arm falls off = NO Gears. I have to undo the pinch nut to get it back on the shaft, and as you say it is a fiddly job to do.

I tend to check this at every oil change now

Normally there is a groove in the shaft which the pinch bolt locates in, so the lever cannot fall off unless the bolt goes AWOL.
Brian UK2013-09-06 13:29:57

[QUOTE=guzzibear] On the V1000 the gear change is the same, once every now and again (twice in 25 yrs) he damn thing works loose and the selector arm falls off = NO Gears. I have to undo the pinch nut to get it back on the shaft, and as you say it is a fiddly job to do.
I tend to check this at every oil change now [/QUOTE]

twice in 25 years you say, you must be well peeved off at that!

+1 On my T3 Haven’t checked the others but will be doing so soon,

U right Brian there is a groove…but if the steel shaft has worn away the alloy splines in the arm…

Maybe this is where they went wrong, the old ones are steel?

Mine fell off right at the start of my return journey from Italy. Naturally on a twisty mountain road. I had to ride several miles in second gear until I found a level spot where I could pull over and put the bike on its centre stand (after having removed all of the luggage)by which time it was banging and popping on the overrun due to overheating. No way was I going to remove wheel, swing arm etc. so I made do with what access I could get from the side and beneath. Got it back on with the normal degree of swearing and barking of the knuckles but it had rotated relative to the splined shaft and now the gear change was at an almost unusable angle. Took it off and had another go with the same result. Decided to leave it where it was and adjust the pedal using the threaded adjuster. Smallest spanner I was carring was 10 mm which fitted the locknut on the rose joint perfectly. Unfortunately the rose joint itself needs to be held still with an 8 mm spanner. Out came the molegrips and 30 seconds later I had broken the rose joint off of the pivot ball so now I was well and truly f**cked. Ended up lashing it back together with cable ties. I then had to put up with the near impossible shift all the way back to Blighty! Replacement joint ordered from Stein Dinst.

Whilst I am typing, any recommendations for a brighter replacement bulb for the H4 fitted to my Stone? Riding across the Campo Imperatore at night I would have been better off carrying a candle. Advice on filler cap also needed. The plastic parts are swelling as detailed elsewhere and I think it is only a matter of time until I cannot open it at all.Richard632013-09-09 21:22:45

If you have the newer type headlamp with the plastic shaped reflector and clear lens, JUNK it and find a Jap bike 7" headlamp from a breaker or auto jumble and fit it to the rim, I got a Cibie and a Thompson one from the Stafford show for under £10 each as the cibie in the old V1000 had got a corroded reflector and the V11 headlamp was also useless.

They were both easy to replace and make a HUGE difference. Keep the OEM part to replace if you ever trade it or sell it.

The plastic headlamps are also fitted to other bikes like Ducati and are also utterly useless on a dark Country lane at night. I guess many stay indoors in Winter or only on lit Town/City roads

Thanks for the advice Guzzibear. I am not sure what type of headlamp it is (but I know its useless!). I will have a look on Sunday if I get a chance. (It is drive my younger daughter to university weekend). May fit spotlights as well as it was mentioned on a bikesafe course I attended that having more than one light source enables other road users to judge the speed of the approaching bike more accurately.

A quick look and if the lans is clear it is the useless one if it has a proper lens then fitting a different bulb may help for spotlights look in the Spotlights cali 3 thread the Halo ones from e-bay work well BUT make sure the altenator is a 280W one or more.

\ 22:58:38

Thanks again Guzzibear. These look to be just the ticket and a steal at the price. I will get some. My headlamp has a proper glass lens so maybe I can get away with a bulb replacement.

My headlamp was useless, on close inspection it turned out that the reflector and inside of the glass where dirty, it must have been an accumulation of dust over the years.
A quick wash in the sink and dry off with a hair dryer made a big improvement.

You might also consider running low & high beams straight off the battery through relays, removes a lot of series switches and plug connections. (Your existing wiring just runs the relays.)

Thanks everyone,

I have ordered an HID kit to give extra brightness to the headlamp and lower the power consumption and have ordered H3 LED bulbs to fit the spot lamps so when it is all fitted to the bike I should have more light and lower overall power consumption. The big question is “When?”