Can you help with a guidance price?

I got this email and I know some of you will say: that depends on the condition etc, but does anyone have an opinion on the price please?

Hello, I was twice a member of the club. I’ve owned two Monza’s and had a MK1
Le mans in the family. The second Monza is languishing in a friend’s garage
waiting to be sold. Sadly I can’t justify hanging on to it anymore and have
realised I don’t have the resources to restore it. It is complete, as far as
I know, original, lots of paperwork and history. It was a runner when it was
moth-balled 10 yrs ago…
Hope you can help, Pippa

Thanks Uki

Monza seem to fetch a premium of the normal V50. Given that it has been stood for so long my gut feeling would be £2 - 2,500 depending on how rough it is. Pristine running bikes seem to go for £3- 3,500 But who knows at the moment as bikes are up for crazy money on ebay.

It is a difficult question to answer without photos or further description of its condition. Does it run/turn over? What is the condition of the chrome/paintwork/aluminium/rubber? The stock answer on the forum is unhelpful… “It is worth what someone is willing to pay for it” but is of course spot on. I would not want to guestimate without more info/pictures.

Best wishes Chris

Thanks guys

Here’s a tidy one for sale at £3,300 which fits the comments above.
10 years standing is not an excessive time so long as it has been kept dry. It will still ned a certain amount of recommisioning, new battery, tyres, fluids, brake seals etc
Allow a grand for sorting it out, giving a value of around £2K to 2.5 depending on how nice it is.
Here’s a rough and ready V50 project for £1,650 so a Monza for 2 must be decent money.