Carb mystery T3 Eldorado

Carb mystery. On my T3 replacing slides I noticed that they pop up ie you push them down they spring back, why ? On investigation inside the main jet tube is a white assume plastic ball on a spring it directly engages with the needle. Mine were covered in goo not sure if the ball is compatible with E5. Could not work out what this does? Anyway the Eldorado has the same except a brass plunger with four holes in it, again what does it do my conclusion is some form of acceleration pump ie if you snap throttle open. Anyone know the answer
Regards Ratt

FWIW, both Gregory Bender and Eurocarb refer to it as an 'accelator pump, and what’s more, Eurocarb will sell you a new small ball if yours is sub-optimal.

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Well thanks for that, particularly the ball still seams a odd design can’t quite grasp how a ball injects more fuel and yet doesn’t restrict the flow at the top of the stroke? I noticed on my Ducati a lever that operates the accelerator pump thought how does it not do it at low speed gradual opening. Answer it does so presumably just rutchens fuel for no reason still it’s cheap :flushed: