Cardellino at Oldtimer rally

I took my Cardellino to scandanavias largest oldtimer rally this weekend. Lovely weather and the event was massive, by any standard. I spent the day answering questions posed by people from all over europe and there was a lot of interest in the bike. A really good day. Unfortunately I could not enter the Cardellino in any of the classes as it needed to be pre registered. I parked it up with the correct class and the judges must have felt sorry that I could not have it judged and bought me a beer and gave me an event t-shirt. The guy who won the class had restored a Ducati and came over to shake my hand. He said that our two bikes were the only ones who had a chance to win the class. I will just have to return next year. An excellent event though. Steve

it looks good steve
love the image of the old and the new
whats it like to ride ??

It is small Russell Small and basic but good fun. It is the first one I have seen anywhere where the light, including brake light and horn works. Steve

A beer you can drink and a t shirt wear, a prize you can merely polish.

Janni wil be borrowing soon methinks !!

Wise words

If you had been at the excellent Belgian Guzzi oldtimers weekend you would have seen several Cardellinos in action. See here for the photos. Anyone interested in Guzzi singles should attend this event.

I went to Perk with my mate on our S3s about 15 years ago, it was fantastic, we also won a troophy for the furthest travelled, cost me one of the worst hangovers ever though, pigging out on Trappist beer.

Lovely photos and great weather that weekend. I hope you are going to do another write up for the gambalunga. Most of those small bikes are Motoleggras which came just before the Cardellino 65. The guy with the No3 on his Motoleggra was in Mandello last September, you cannot mistake that tache “wing commander”. I will be at the Belgium Rally next year. I didn`t realise Scandanavias largest oldtimer rally was only an hour from me the same weekend and that is where I ended up. I will try and find out who is the owner of the cardellino in your photos. Steve