catch tank or drain back into sump?

Anyone using a catch tank rather than a breather box? Putting the finishing touches to the 1000s, Â I was using the early t3 type breather box + top hat breather arrangement, wondering if it’s better to catch the crap and drain it off rather than dump it in the sump.
Any thoughts welcome,

Personally I wouldn’t mess with the standard system.

If you don’t allow it to drain back into the sump of its own accord I think you will be stopping often to empty the catch tank into the filler hole.

And the top-hat ball valve MUST be present as it controls the crankcase pressure thus encouraging oil to drain back to the sump.

A friend had a Le Mans many years ago in black and gold and he used a Guinness can as a catch tank. His take was that the oil would emulsify due to the moisture in the air condensing in the crankcase and he didn’t want that back in the sump. So he checked the oil level every week and topped it up as necessary. Unfortunately it is on the other side of the bike in this photo, whoops

The original system needs less monitoring and works well, unless you do what I did and chrome the breather box so the sprung flap is now stuck open. Oh dear


Could you not have just reversed the image?


We were talking about painting in the lettering on tyres at the last meeting in Rowhedge and here is an example of that strange practice!

I’ve done that!

This issue about water in the oil, A. all engines can do it; B. the way to avoid it is get the oil hot enough to boil out the water, too many short journeys only means engine never gets hot enough, and It’s especially a problem in the Winter as you may imagine.

I’ve seen several topics lately (not just here) along the lines of “oh no there’s ‘mayonaise’ in my oil filler (or wherever) what a disaster, that’s it it’s the end of the world might as well hang meself now…”