Changing Instrument Panel on a T3 Cali query

Hi all,

I have a 1982 T3 Cali which was originally a Police version.

I am now ready to put on a standard instrument panel and remove the police monstrosity. I notice that the mounting is different, has anyone else done this before?
Is it likely to be a simple transfer of wiring?

Appreciate any advice.



I changed my Spada to the small 2-clock dash.
I had to make a couple of simple brackets and bought the rubber mounts from Stein Dinse.
Because the voltmeter and clock were removed I had to get rid of a few wires. I just cut them short and used a bit of heatshrink on the ends. The wiring for the idiot lights is very tight for space and I changed some of the ends for 90 degree versions. Would have been better to do them all I think but everything works.