Checking oil level

Guys is there an easy but recognised safe method for checking the oil level with the bike upright with both wheels on the ground without resorting to buying wheel chocks.

I lean the bar end against a padded wall to do it but always worry that I’ll knock it on top of me.Â

Yes there is. Â Get your girlfriend - sorry, partner - to straddle the bike. Â You can then admire her ankles, too, while checking the oil.

Before Kate steams in :laughing: or his ankles.

Deja vu ~ I have suggested just recently to same question elsewhere can you do it yourself by reaching down while sitting on the bike?

Your Norge has a centre-stand, doesn’t it?

I’d use that and place a block of wood under one wheel to level it properly. That is, of course, assuming the centrestand isn’t bent and the ground below it is level :unamused:


I never bother with levelling off the front wheel, the difference is negligible.

Umm…so I’d better not mention the 2ft spirit level I use :astonished: :laughing:


One of my favourite spirit levels is slightly longer than that, a 3 litre bottle of Asbach.

Paddock stand?

SSSA :open_mouth:


Yep, been to the Asbach ‘factory’ and got high simply by breathing :smiley: . I was 13 years old at the time :slight_smile: