Classic V7 electrikery

Sometimes the main beam warning light flashes when shifting into neutral. Don’t think it should do that. Any ideas?

not 100% sure the later v7 have conventional dash wiring like say s v50 or t3

If it old fashioned wiring with individual bulbs and wires it may be a bad earth or short in the dash

If is the later computerised dash then it may be damp or the pcb has failed.

It may well be worth removing the dash connector and reconnecting it on the later dash

Is it the older V7 or a new one?
What happens when the lights are on high beam?
As above short circuit (intermittent)
Poor earth (volts taking path of least resistance)
That they all do that
Best of luck

Thanks all. Will get stuck in tomorrow with tools and WD40. (Duck tape held in reserve!)

The V7 has the new integrated dash. The Breva had some problems with it, but the V7 should be ok. I second the idea of removing it and spraying some electrical cleaner.It might be your only hope as there’s no getting inside the dash to fix things.

That’s what I did yesterday and I also gave the handlebar switch a quick check and a dollop of silicon grease. Haven’t have a chance to check it on the road so far but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I miss the days of cables and warning lights with separate bulbs, life was a lot simpler then. Didn’t need the Duck tape. Actually managed not to break anything this time!

I have to admit I am not a fan of the over complex modern electrics on vehicles.Why do they do it? Because they can. And generally it forces you to go to a main dealer to get it fixed. (£££)
Brian UK2014-03-11 09:00:17

Or just chuck the part away and buy a new and expensive replacement!

[QUOTE=Brian UK]

I have to admit I am not a fan of the over complex modern electrics on vehicles.Why do they do it? Because they can. And generally it forces you to go to a main dealer to get it fixed. (£££)
[/QUOTE]usually to lower production costs, machine makes pc and surface mounts components automatically and often drops it into the casing at the same timeFitted click or screws to bike after plugging one idiot proof multi today’s penny pinching manufacturing its far cheaper than a bloke taking 5 mins to connected 2 wires to each lamp and test to see if he as got them right.makes a night mare for the later owners to fix when the warranty is up…

After cleaning every connector and switch I could find the main beam light still flashed when I selected neutral. Then I noticed it did it every time I pulled in the clutch. Back to checking all the bits I’d already done but no luck. Phoned Paul at Corsa Italiana, he hummed and then said he’d come across this once on a Cali where the clutch lever was pressing on the handle bar headlight flasher switch. You what, know he was right. There ain’t 'af some clever buggers out there! Thanks Paul.BobV72014-03-13 16:30:32

I like that one, just shows, look for the bleeding obvious first.

Although that is pretty funny (now you know the cause) it could have serious consiquences if you happen to flash someone waiting to pull out of a side road

OK, my 750 Breva neutrallight comes on in the rain when I pull the clutch in.It is fine in the dry.Started about a month ago during the deluge.Any ideas?

As it only happens in the wet that really does sound like a case for the application of some WD40. Good luck trying to find the right place to squirt it! Connector blocks?

I would use a proper electrical contact lubricant such as Servisol. Spray it into the big multiplug on the back of the dash, and anywhere else that two wires connect. Switches too.

Don’t about modern Brevas but if you got starter only works if neutral selected or clutch disengaged, there’s a diode that prevents the neutral light lighting if the clutch is pulled (and it’s in gear).

The diode is between neutral and clutch switches, and neutral connects only to neutral switch, if memory serves. If this diode is shorted across e.g. by water then yes could light up when clutch switch operated.

HTH (?)

Are these switches on the gearbox 'cos that makes sense.
If so I will wait till summer and get some silicon on them.Brian, Frunobulax (my personal god) wont let me use WD40.apparantly only eeveel peeepull who end up in hell riding HD’s use it.iandunmore2014-03-26 13:00:02

Again don’t know about Breva but yes neutral switch most likely in gearbox, clutch switch could be with the handlebar lever as per e.g. my R80, or something Japanese.

However we can assume these are working, the problem is with the diode. That could be anywhere!

On all Guzzis as far as I know, the neutral light is operated by a switch on the gearbox, and the light will only come on when the box is in neutral, regardless of whether the clutch is pulled or not. The clutch switch will overide the fact that the neutral light is not on (box in gear) and allow the engine to start. If there is any interconnection between the two on the little Breva it will be inside the dash somewhere, so not available.

The connector block to the dash unit is accessible once the headlight bowl is out of the way. It’s just a push fit connector under the clocks.