Clocks refurbishment companies?

I sent my clocks off to a firm, who will remain nameless but suggest from their name that they are quick, before Christmas, still not had them back. To be fair I didn’t want the dials replaced then in the beginning of March I decided that as I would be looking at them a lot and being “in my face” I would go for it at £50 extra per dial + VAT (that is why originally I didn’t go for that service) I have since decided that I would like the faces black and not blue so they match the age of the bike. I’m still waiting but after 4 months I am getting a bit twitchy, No answer to emails and when I ring them they say they will get back to me. They have in the past got back to me after a while. So do you know another company for future reference, as I will be sorting out the Smiths instruments on my Triumph soon.

Try Peter Bond not cheap . Had a pair of clocks for a 900 Ducati Darmaha renovated and as you say they are in your face .

I am due my clocks back soon, I will ask for some discount as I have now been waiting 5 months :frowning:

That’s disappointing.

Speedy Cables did a pair for my GTM Coupe in a couple of weeks. I assume that’s who you’re using?

Yes it is dissapointing

I used Speedy Cables to rebuild the clocks on my V7Sport. The mounting studs had come adrift from both cases, bezels were dented and you could see a rust stain inside the face of the speedo. The needles didn’t match but I had the original broken Km/H speedo to donate the correct one. They also gave the instruments a general overhaul and I decided to reset the odometer to zero as it wasn’t the original one anyway.

I dropped the units off at the works for a quote on 22nd June last year and they arrived back in the post on 26th August. A bit over 2 months. Considering some bits had to be sourced (like the bezels and a replacement case) I thought the turnaround was ok. If they’ve had to make/print replacement dials for you that could cause a delay.

Thank you John, I needed a positive boost. Most of my worry has been due to the lack of communication from the company. I look forward to seeing the finished article.

I called them 3 weeks ago and they said they would be ready in 3 weeks, so I called them yesterday and I was told they would be a few weeks yet, but don’t worry because my job is now on the urgent board! :unamused:

I’ve always found them ok but this is just unacceptable. There’s no excuse for that. I think it would be very reasonable to ask for a discount in view of the delay.

Got a call from them today, my clocks are being dispatched today. A miracle seeing as how on Monday they said they would be another three weeks! I asked for a discount but they declined, but did remove the carriage charge. All in all a very disappointing experience. It is unfortunate especially seeing as how Venhill seem to be under performing at the moment, I would have loved to give them some cables to do as well.

So as I cannot give them a bad review (it would be slanderous) I will decline from giving them a good review. Do not ask me for my opinion of Speedy Cables and their service. I might change my point of view when I see the clocks.

If they’ve done as good a job for you as they did for me you’ll be happier, I’m sure. However, given your experience, I’ll be less inclined to recommend them so quickly in the future.

Perhaps I’ve had better luck with them because they know I’m likely to turn up at their works! It’s about 60 miles each way for me over not unpleasant roads and, living in this part of Wales, I’m used to traveling to get things done as nothing’s on the doorstep. It’s a 45miles round trip to the supermarket, there’s only about 200yds of dual carriageway in the county and that’s got a 40mph limit on it.

Perhaps they’re just swamped with work?

PM sent :imp:

Just got my clocks back today and I must say that Speedy Cables have done a fantastic job, they are as new.

I will ring them to say I am pleased with the quality of their work, but I still am adamant that 5 1/2 months is too long, however busy they maybe, especially as I had no updates unless I pestered them.

Can you give and indication as to costs as i would like mine done for a spada build

You have to send them the clocks berfore you get a quote. They quoted me £160 for the speedo and £110 for the rev counter all +VAT then an extra £50 each +VAT for printing new dials. Was not cheap but they look immaculate. At first I was not going to have the faces re-printed, but as one was a replacement and the blue background had faded more I went for new dials too. Then I changed my mind on the colour and asked for them black as for a 750S or earlier V7 Sport, but there should only be a red band on the rev counter and not red and orange numbers. But I am happy, it is something else for the rivet counters to spot. :smiley:

cheers thats to dear for me especially with he wait

You may not experience the wait, also my clocks had lived outdoors under a cover (that rotted away) for 12 years, I guess they were completely shot.

ooow they’re nice :sunglasses: