Clutch adjusting screw

Was having trouble getting the right amount of adjustment with the adjusting screw at the end of pushrod after fitting new clutch plates,the screw just didn’t seem long enough to get the right pivot action for the actuating arm.
I took off the arm and removed the screw , it looked very similar to a 650 Triumph tappet adjuster ,sure enough it was , it fitted beautifully, plus it was a tad longer, great, turned out to be too long so i ground it shorter at the spanner end, this kept the hardened contact end intact ,the beauty of this screw is it has a nice square to adjust it with .
put it back again and Bobs your uncle, nice action clutch + an easy screw to adjust unlike the bloody flat on the original . :sunglasses:

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That’s odd, the original screw should be exactly right. It should be inline with the pushrod end when it’s fully pushed in, i.e. clutch fully disengaged. Is the arm hitting the gearbox then?

Yep maybe, but it wasn’t, the arm was too close to the G/Box when pulled in, my T3 was a tad difficult to get the arm right after fitting new plates etc but i just managed that with the old screw right up to its limit, but the new Triumph Tappet adjuster is so easy to use, i will replace the T3s when it needs adjusting .
Having the actuating lever set closer to the brake lever pivot has made it much easier to use, just have to wait and see how she goes on the road now.

Sure you haven’t got a spare bit left over from the push rod assembly? As Mike says, it should all line up and fit.

That makes sense to me.

Bear with me here folks here’s my theory .
If all the new clutch plates happened to be a tad thicker than they should be, this would allow the push rod to go further into the gearbox towards the engine because the pressure plate that sits on the springs has been pushed back accordingly, the adjusting screw would then have to go further in to get the actuating arm in the right position , ie at right angles to the push rod.
I know the push rod is the right length and all the parts that need to be there, are there :slight_smile: .

I’m getting deja vu ~ you’re not the same chap who tried inserting a bit of rod in to make the pushrod longer and the screw sit right?

When I had new plates put in, albeit was 20 years ago, screw fitted correctly. :question:

OK end of thread probably flush with nut. But the flat bit stuck out.

No mate, different bike.
Think that was Pigford if i remember right .

When I rebuilt mine, I had quite a length of the pushrod mushroom showing

Shame I broke the lug off the end of the gearbox cover … seized in pivot pin!

Yep that sits real nice Don :sunglasses: .

Shame about the lug :frowning:

That was a while ago. All sorted now and the pin has been smothered in grease!
Couldn’t find a suitable one in stainless.