Clutch Cable Adjustment, all 850/1000

Clutch Cable Adjustment, all 850/1000 Big-Block Tonti’s

MG workshop manual says distance ‘C’ should be 75 mm …

This is clearly complete rollox, my gearbox is a bog standard item in a bog standard Tonti frame, and there’s [ EDIT:] the brake pedal pivot just behind the gearbox clutch lever that just by itself makes 75mm impossible.

In any case, the gearbox lever arm would be at a far too rediculous angle!

So ignore all that, what you want in essence, is that screw ‘B’ should be set such that it is exactly inline with the clutch pushrod end piece when the lever is pulled in to disengage the clutch. It is then locked with nut ‘A’. (NB: the amount of thread available to play with here also makes the 75mm spacing impossible.)

With the screw set and locked as above, the actual gearbox lever spacings on mine are therefore as follows:

Free distance (clutch engaged): 35 - 37mm (approx. 1.5 inches)
Fully pulled in (clutch disengaged): 25 - 26mm (approx. 1 inch)

NOTE that the clutch pushrod stops, or runs out of travel, at about 24mm (15/16"), that is to say, the clutch springs have become fully compressed.

I can now see why trying to relieve clutch drag when it’s hot (OK while cold) by tightening up the handlebar adjuster some more doesn’t work, 'cause even at 26mm the springs are almost fully compressed and there’s no more free play. In fact doing so usually makes the problem worse, possibly because all the pushrod gubbins is now binding up.


Without the cable connected I managed to set mine at 75mm. Once cable is connected it all pulls up.

No sorry still can’t visualise it.

Any chance of a photo?

Thinking about it some more, this is what’s doing my head in.

That’s impossible on mine 'cause when it’s all adjusted up there’s only about 10mm between the back of the arm and the frame tube. So if cable were slackened right off so they’re touching, the actual cable length in the gap would still be only about 45mm or so.

I suspect what’s in the book is a typo, but if it were 57mm instead of 75mm, even that doesn’t compute. Unless your points of reference were in different places.

ERRATUM: A-ha!! Of course It’s the brake pedal pivot that’s immediately behind my gearbox clutch lever, NOT a frame crosstube. Where mine is currently set, it really is just 9 - 10mm in between.

If however you DON’T have this pedal pivot or anything else in this location, then there’s tons of space.

Did the Golden Eagle camp trip with the dogleg lever etc. Works really quite well. Clutch springs still feel on the heavy side (cos they just are) but the action is smooth. The dogleg shape does seem to be easier to get the fingers around and pulI than the original Tomaselli item (non-dogleg). I had to slacken off the h/bar adjuster a bit as the ‘bite’ was too far away from the grip initially. Could also get it in neutral when hot! But not every time.