clutch centre boss nut

Having severe difficulty removing the nut from the clutch centre boss on the gearbox input shaft on my T3. I bought a Guzzibits removal tool, but it doesn’t fit, possibly because the nut has been mashed by the use of a screwdriver. I can’t even get it to move using a hammer and screwdriver, Â and I’ve tried filing the slots in the nut to make the tool fit better but to no avail. I’ve bent down the tab on the washer, so it’s not that preventing it’s removal.
Any advice before I get the drill out…?

get it to your local garage and get them to use the air ratchet on it,thats what i had to do :bulb:

I had to use an impact driver. (The sort you use with a hammer. ) Also make sure there isn’t only  one tab engaging. I had to hammer them all flat To be certain. Â

Thanks for the responses. I tried an impact driver but that didn’t shift it so in the end I bought a new nut and drilled off the old one - 15 minutes work and it was done.


Tim :slight_smile: