Clutch plate life? - LM

Any opinions on what the usual line of clutch plates in a late le mans 1000 should be? I am told there is a minimum specified thickness for the friction material and typical life is around 30,000 miles. This seems woefully short to me, any thoughts?

Depends how you ride it and if the clutch has been set up correctly then kept in that state They can go from 20k right up to 60+k miles

It also depends what plates were put in as well there was a time when some of the aftermarket ones started to break away from the backing at under 20k miles, I had some …utter rubbish

As with a lot of the Guzzi factory specs the clutch wear limits are a bit on the cautious side.

The G5 manual quotes

“The width of each new plate is 8mm. Replace it any time it is worn down to less than 7.5mm.”

That’s only allowing 0.25mm of wear on each piece of friction material.gtmdriver2013-09-25 10:14:38

My lemans started slipping after about 120k miles so I replaced it.

That’s the thing if it ain’t broke don’t fix it as the clutch is one of the biggest home jobs you can be doing.

IF you do have the frme off/engine out anyway well worth checking and replacing the friction plates and checking as to check them you have to take out the clutch by that time it may as well get new ones unless they are over 7.5mm in thickness …keep the old ones if they are servicable for one of those times that you need 'em but are too skint to buy new.

Once the clutch sterts to slip it is only a matter of time, you can keep adjusting it but it WILL go pretty soon, depending how many miles and how hard you use it I guess.

I have had as little as 12,000 miles from a clutch on the V1000 and as much as 110,000. the short life one was an aftermarket one supplied many years ago utterly useless, I have NEVER used that supplier since

^ Wot they said. If it’s slipping is time to worry. You could lay in a supply of kosher quality OEM plates against the future maybe. But that future could be 100k off.

And don’t forget the tappet type adjuster on the clutch arm.

Thanks. Mine were 7.6 mm so as the thing is apart anyway have opted to replace them. They were not slipping at all, but at least I know they are done.
Motocorsa are doing it with the gearbox, which has the broken return spring, and also 5 th gear is on the way out, so a fairly big rebuild. Trouble with a second hand bike is you really don’t know the history and although it has only done 48,000’ the first 20 k was with the first 3 owners and I suspect some non expert spannering.
A clutch should go more than 100,000 IMO. ThIs is the first I have ever had to replace in my life and have taken a car to 120,000 and my triumph to 74,000 without any hint of a transmission issue.

Some people can knock a clutch out in very short time if they try hard enough. My wife did in her car, as she used the pedal as a footrest. They now last a lot longer, having “cured” her of that habit.

different transport but i had to have cluthes replaced every 35,000 but there again it spent its life doing 20 mile a day and never got into 4th gear come to thnk of it 3 rd was a rarity plates were fine always release bearing with all the use it got