Clutch problem

Hi, having put Eldo back together, after winters major overhaul, new clutch, clutch body, starter ring replacement, new cables and lots more messing about, I rode out the other day on the maiden voyage and after only 8 miles the clutch lever went loose which meant that the clutch was permanently engaged. ( big guzzi engine dosnt want to stop,does it ) Cable was still intact, clutch lever behind gearbox can be pushed in with your finger, no resistance at all. Before I start the process of taking the whole back end and gearbox off again I thought Id post this maybe someone has some idear as to whats happened. thanks for any input received.

Has the screw in the gearbox clutch arm come loose?

Hi Mike H, thanks for your input, screw and lock washer still in place, everything looks fine just no resistance when you push clutch lever in, only thing I can think of is that the clutch cup that the clutch rod presses against has either broken or fallen out of position, could this be a possibility, I don’t know enough about these bikes to form an educated guess.

Can’t think how else to find out other than taking it apart again. If you are sure adjuster screw is correctly set and its locknut is still tight, only thing I can think of is pushrod has “collapsed” (got shorter).

In my opinion it is unlikely that the clutch pushrod would suddenly “shorten”. The clutch cup is also unlikely to fall out of position or break, but I have one that has worn badly in the centre where the pushrod bears, it might have worn through and so the pushrod now passes through it. Mine was on a 40 year old 850T and I assume that yours on the Eldo is even older. I have just bought a new one from Gutsibits for £6.30 made sense when I put a new clutch in earlier this year.

Hi and thanks for your responses, yes ill have to take the back end off to find out whats happened, shame clutch was really good until it went awol. I will not be able to get at it for a week or so but when I do will post what I find.

Is your new clutch standard, the same as the one you took out? The reason I ask is that I think there are variations in plate thickness depending on which clutch you buy. Your pushrod may not have engaged properly with the hole in the thrust cup then after a few miles popped in thus creating the problem. This would only happen if your new clutch requires a different length of pushrod,as does a RAM clutch for instance.

Hi duolian, that’s a good thought actually, because I did put an uprated clutch with an uprated clutch body in, the body with the bigger splines, ill keep this in mind when I start looking into it. Thanks

I had a similar problem a couple of years back after I replaced the clutch on my Spada. I bought a clutch plate kit from Stein Dinse, all was good except that the standard clutch rod is too short for the new plates. They sell a longer clutch rod, replacing the standard version with the longer rod cured the problem.

When I replaced mine I bought a piece of 6mm stainless rod as recommended on US site and cut it 5 mm longer.

I put a longer screw adjuster on my clutch arm, one from a Triumph T120/140 tappet adjuster, has a nice square on the end as well to aid adjustment .

Seems strange that you lost it all of a sudden tho ?

Still waiting to find out what caused that - cos I really want to know! :smiley:

Hi all, finally had time to take back end and swinging arm off to get to the clutch lever at the back of the gearbox, all i finally did was to readjust the adjuster screw on the lever in the hope that this would work, and it does, clutch seems to work fine again, will put it back together tomorrow and go for a spin. I can only come to the conclusion that the rod wasnt seated on the cup properly and after a few miles suddenly located itself, at the time of first puting it back together i did wonder why the adjuster screw was wound so far out, didnt occure to me that the rod might not be in properly, never had this happen on other bikes ive owned, but was also a bit supprised on how loose a fit in through the gearbox the pushrod was, anyway great that i havnt found it nesassary to take the geabox off again hopfully problem fixed time will tell.

Good result :smiley: