Cold Starting Problem - and a Solution!


For the last couple of days with the temp below freezing, at least early in the mornings, my V7 Classic has not started.

Symptoms: Yesterday morning, -1 degrees - Key in ignition, turn, all lights on dash come on as normal. Clutch lever in, press the start button, and… Nothing! Not even a click!

Gave up and took the train to work yesterday, and when I got back home in the evening I tried the bike again - by now the temp was up to around +4-5 degrees - and it started first time.

This morning, same again: -2 degrees, everything apparently ok, but not even a click of the solenoid, etc. Just would not start to turn over, let alone fire up!

However, I then got a hairdryer out, and started to warm the handlebar/dash area, the back of the ignition switch, the area at the front of the frame where the generator and regulator sits, and the area around the starter and up behind the side panel next to the battery, and within a few minutes… Bingo! It started! (I also noted that the temp gauge on the tacho was falsely indicating +6 degrees by this point so the hairdryer must have got to the temp sensor.)

In all honesty, I don’t know which part of this hairdryer treatment did the trick, but at least it worked.

So, firstly, my question for the forum - is this a general Guzzi issue, a V7 issue, or is it just peculiar to my bike?

Secondly, my advice is that if anyone else is suffering the same issue, do an “Alex Ferguson” and give it the hairdryer treatment…!!


Jim, there are few here on the forum that have a use for a hair drier! :unamused:

Thanks Chris, I wouldn’t usually be one of them… :smiley:

I meant that most are bald not that they have dirty hair! :smiley:


Not a problem I have had, because I am a fair weather rider !

From what you are saying, there is nothing wrong with the battery; my usual first port of call if an engine won’t start in the cold. It sounds to me more like a temperature related problem in the starter button wiring circuit to the solenoid. I would check that all connections are clean and no sign of any corrosion.

With a bit of luck the problem won’t manifest itself again until next winter !