Cold starting

When I start the Cali 1100 (carburretors) lately I’ve noted two things. Firstly, the engine will not fire first time but spits back. I then have to wait 20 seconds or so for some sort of pressure to release (a gurgle from down below somewhere) then it will start. I’m using the ‘choke’. Secondly, when it does start it no longer ‘bursts’ into life but seems to just run up to speed. Difficult to describe and only takes less than a second. I’m sure the neighbours appreciate this more genteel starting habit.

Sounds interesting!
Any recent changes to the bike, fuel etc?
All the best

No recent changes.

My engine had similar symptoms when the coils were starting to fail.

Not ruling anything out. Something to add would be the occasional isolated cough when applying throttle. And I mean like once in a 100 miles.

I’ve noticed there’s a lot of condensation in the mornings lately. Everything’s got a film of water on it. Dodgy HT insulation? Or, your carbs are starting to succumb to the dreaded green lurgy…
Mike H2014-10-13 01:34:53