Colour choice for V7Sport

This year I’m going to be rebuilding my V7Sport which I “came off” in 2007.I can’t decide which colour to paint it. Do I return it to the colour it was when it left the factory or
choose something else? A lot of people have repainted their V7Sports with
red frames but I seem to be alone in not liking the look of the Telaio
So far as I can tell, there were two options available in Europe for
series 1 production bikes like mine. These were the well known Lime
green with a black frame (which was how mine was when I bought it in 1978) and a burgundy red with a black frame.
I could be wrong as I have some conflicting information.
I also like the USA colours of burgundy red with a silver frame.I’m having trouble making my mind up. What does the panel think?

Always liked the burgundy red option myself with or without the silver frame, but then again the lime green ain’t bad either!

Red and black with the white decals worked very nicely, as did burgundy and black or burgundy and silver. Bit more unusual than the the usual ‘verde legnano.’ That said, the green with black frame and the black background decals also worked nicely. Ah, decisions, decisions…

wasnt there also a black tank version…

always liked the metallic burgundy with black frame

Trouble is I like all the styles as well!Neil is right in that there was a black tank version as well. Came a little later and was actually how my bike was painted prior to the crash. Looked good but, I already have an S3 which is largely black so I want something different.For those who don’t know what they look like let’s see if these photos show

v7john2014-03-27 20:57:39

Beautiful bikes- the best ever Guzzi?

Well, if we are voting on the pics it is burgundy and black for me! Good luck with the restoration.


In a nutshell, yes - the V7 Sport/S/S3.

By the way John, the ‘burgundy’ effect was achieved by using a pearl red over a metal silver base. The silver frames for the USA were meant to be done the same way but apparently ended up being grey because the piant shop complained the silver and respective clear coat took far too long to do…

That answers another question I had. I knew that the green was a semi opaque lacquer over a silver grey base and I have the codes for this and a source for the paint. I will have to hunt for the codes for the burgundy red. I think they may be on the Dutch club site.Today my favourite finish is burgundy with grey frame. Yesterday I was favouring the green and black!

I may have the codes somewhere John but it’ll take me while to dig them out, remind me if you can’t find them. The black paint on black frame with red/white decals is my current favourite, see below. When I get round to building my 70s special I’ll be making all these choices too, but the black I love…

italianmotor2014-03-28 09:32:32

This was pretty much how my bike was 10 years ago. I used Black because it was easy to do but I really did like how it looked with those decals. It was easy to touch up the paint as well. I had steered away from the black because I already have the black S3 with a red stripe and thought some variety would be good. But now…

For decals look at

They do a fantastic job and far less than Guzzi I had the LeMans ones made in chrome Guzzi wanted £48 this guy did 2 sets plus other decals for £25 delivered I sent him a pencil rubbing of the org utterly top job as the ones he made fitted perfectly over the ghost image of the org ones.

I think 8 valve eagle used them as well

I think I’ll try to go with the burgundy tank etc and a silver frame but I’ve spent hours searching the web for paint codes without any success. Not sure if the burgundy is the same as the “bordeaux” colour used on the 850GT from around the same time. I did find a Ferrari Dino painted “Rosso bordeaux” which looked very similar.Also not sure about the silver on the frame. The powder coaters say that “RAL 9006 light aluminium” or “anodic silver” look close and looking on t’interweb they both look possibles.In the end, although I want to be close to the Guzzi colours, they don’t have to be spot on. I’m not restoring the bike for sale or to show competitively. I’m gonna keep it and ride it till I can’t get on it any more!

i reckon it probably is the same as the 850GT colour… might be worth asking over on the Wildguzzi forumm as there were a couple of recent V7 Sport restorations on there, I think one was in the Burgundy colour… if youre not 100% worried about originality then personally i’d be tempted to paint it in the colour on the V11 rosso mandello -very 70’s :)NeilD2014-03-29 22:50:03

I’ll be able to dig out the paint codes for you but give me a few days!

I love the Bordeaux and black …next is the all black.

Thanks Adam. That would be a great help.

I’m waiting for my registration to be approved at Wildguzzi. Then I’ll make a search.

Loads o’ bits gone to powder coater today. Will be silver frame etc. Stands etc will be black.