colour code

Hi does anyone know the colour codes for the green tank and red frame on the V7 sport of the 70s.
Cheers Syrup Head.

Hiya Graham I saw something about this on facebook recently. Have a read of this. Basically it is a silver base coat and green overspray.
How’s the Stornello coming along?

Hi Don
The paint has been stripped off of the frame and swinging arm and i intend to give the bike a modern look.The colour scheme will be green/red as per V7Sport hence my request for the codes. I have located the parts i want for the project but due to the lock down i have to wait until i can pick them up.Thanks for the info concerning the paint colours it was very interesting how they achieved the green.Your green laner is coming along nicely i see .
Cheers Syrup Head

That sounds good. I am thinking of painting my 5 speed in the style of an S3 with the diagonal red stripes. Progress is slow and hard work on the scrambler, nothing is working out easy on it! The other two are progressing better.
I have bought some 12mm rubber and have been making the rubbers for the rear cush drive, plus some steel for the mudguard mounts. I can send you some if you are needing.

Guzzi Stornello by Don West, on Flickr

Stornello rebuild progress by Don West, on Flickr

Hi Don
I will need some cush drive rubbers as mine are coming apart so i will have a set .When i do get the parts for my project bike then the fun starts so i
know what you mean regarding the progress on your scrambler. This is the thing when you go from standard set up.You come across obstacles you have’nt thought of but that are all part of going off piste.I will keep you updated hopefully with photos as i go.
Cheers Syrup Head