Condenser issues on 1972 V7 Sport

I appreciate that condensers are a very much debated subject. However, having finally solved an intermittent misfire on my V7 by thoroughly sanding clean and re-setting the points and re-earthing the condensers, I am thinking about using an electronic condenser supplied by HMB-Guzzi in Germany
This will hopefully prevent the arcing at the points which I am sure upset the ignition and should keep the points clean for a lot longer than the last time - the misfire started after only 1500m following a full mechanical re-furb

Nothing wrong with that idea, but there’s much much cheaper out there, any modern electronic component type will do the job.

Do an Internet search for ‘220nf 1000v capacitor’, lots out there. For example, I found: Cricklewood Electronics, 0.22uF 1000V Polypropylene Axial Capacitor, is the kind of thing I would be looking for.

Yes it seems new ‘condensers’ may be badly made, lots of Internet stories about failures. If you’ve got working old ones, probably a better bet to keep using them!


I have had several failures of new condensers so have taken to using NOS ones. My loop has one from a Mini and my Ducati has one from a Talbot Avenger or something. I got 5 from eBay to keep as spares. The latter one was the wrong size to fit in the points housing so I have mounted it near the reg-rec unit and run the wire to the coil.

Being a complete electrical and electronic dummy, the 0.22uF 1000v capacitor looks interesting (and very much cheaper than the German version at around 60euros including delivery)…do I need two to replace both the originals and have I got to invent my own earth mounting brackets and connection leads?

Each coil/points set needs its own condenser, connected in parallel between the coil terminal and earth.
Both of my bikes only have one set of points.
On the loop, I mounted the Mini condenser on the outside of the distributor as the original but had to change the connector to suit the distributor.
On the Ducati it’s mounted remotely under the seat with a longer wire to reach the coil under the tank.
Both are earthed via the mounting tag.

Mike’s example would need a bit of work to provide the electrical connectors and fix it to something, but not too difficult.

^ Yes.

Just to say a big thank you for your advice on electronic condensers/capacitors.
I have fitted two as suggested and the bike is running much better than with the old ones - much easier cold starting, smooth running without any misfires. As an electronic novice I was puzzled with them when they arrived from Cricklewood with no indication of positive or negative. Thanks to the web I have now learnt about biopolar capacitors which work either way with polarity

Very interesting, and pleased it worked out. Yes they are bipolar, or non-polarised, maybe should have mentioned it. :smiley: