Confessions of a new member..

Recently acquired a Guzzi, last had one in the early nineties. I’ll be honest, I only joined the Club for the dating service but now I have received a couple of issues of the mag (Love the one hundred years tax disc - wish I hadn’t chucked out all my old tax disc holders) and I’m getting sucked in and now I’m thinking that what i really need in my life is a 750T - I| used to have a V50 and feel an emotional draw to the 750T for no other reason than the association with Three Cross Motorcycles where I hung out in my youth on day trips from the Isle of Wight.
The bike? It’s an NTX350. Looking forward to hearing from all the other owners…

Hiya and welcome. Apparently there were only 100 750T’s imported. Someone in the club has a register of all the known ones. There is, or was one for sale in car and classic that had been turned into a horrid hipster custom by some bunch in London
The NTX should be a fun bike.

Hello and welcome :smiley: