Continental headlamp

My Swiss T3 still has its original 1975 yellow-tinged continental headlamp. Is there any way I can retain it? I’m in the process of getting the bike UK registered.

It would need to be changed for a left side dip lens on the front. Is it just the bulb that is yellow?

Yellow headlights are legal for use in the UK.1150GS2012-12-11 22:29:45

[QUOTE=Don-Spada] It would need to be changed for a left side dip lens on the front. Is it just the bulb that is yellow?


Many thanks for your help.

I need to check what is actually yellow! I now understand the difference between a LHD and RHD headlamp lens. I will clearly need to get a proper RHD lens. I was hoping to keep the original 1975 Aprilia component. I guess I could put a beam deflector on it but that would look a bit silly riding around in the UK and further reduce its candlepower which isn’t particularly marvellous anyway.

If it’s an H4 bulb, or the earlier type with a larger round flange, the dip cut off is set by the angle of the bulb in the reflector. If you look you will see the mounting markers in the back of the reflector.I have, in the past, used a fine small file and modified this to make it left hand dip. Actually in this situation, the lens pattern is less important.I remember Cibié used to do a reflector with a little plastic clip you could move round for left and right dip.You almost certainly have a yellow bulb.

Is it a halogen bulb?
Guzzi were not fitting them in '75.
If you do buy a new headlight then modern bulbs are much brighter.
In my MK111 i use a 100/80 H4 through relays.

True, it’s unlikely to be H4, most likely the spherical one with a large round flange with yellow glass. P45 T is the type, and you can get a halogen version, I have one in the shed, just looked. Spare for the V50.

I replaced my round headlight with a cheap Ring H4 sealed beam replacement.
Much better than om.