Contributing and raising funds

Many of the usual fundraising activities are out of bounds at the moment however;
Spring is around the corner so you are probably feeling like having a bit of a clear out.
You could raise money by selling items you no longer need and this could be your motivation to do it!
There are lots of online marketplaces and as well as the well-known ones, there are bound to be more local opportunities.
Alternatively, you could do a kind of “Bob a Job”. (I think I maybe showing my age here, so to save you Googling it;
In days gone by the Scouts would raise money by doing jobs for folks in return for a “a bob” or 5p) You may like to ask for a bit more , but that is the idea.
So whether its lending tools or equipment or giving a helping hand on a repair or restoration I’m sure that suggesting a small donation in aid of the
Air Ambulance Service would prove worthwhile.
“Every little helps” as they say.

Alternatively you may choose to make a direct donation.
All contributions will be very welcome and should be made via
Or use the QR Code in Gambalunga

Thank You