Convert/G5 number plate bulbs

Had my Convert booked in for moT this morning, final check on lights, both number plate bulbs gone! (they were working sunday). Removed number plate and plate base, then clear plastic light lens. Two 5w bulbs in unit facing outwards, no room to get fingers, thin nose pliers or even a pair of surgical clamps in. Removing the lamp holder would seem to involve dismantling the back end of the bike. Any ideas how to get them out? MoT now cancelled.

Try some sticky tape taped to the part of the bulb you can get at, then push and twist , might work , has done for me in the past .
Good luck

Gaffer tape a small torch to the side of the tail light pointing at the number plate for the MOTÂ :smiley:

Have you been looking at my tail-light setup, Chris? :blush:


Thanks for the suggestions, sorted it by pushing a thick elastic band through a small ally tube, looping it round the bulb, pulled it tight and also pushed the end of the bulb with a lolly stick, bulbs happily replaced but still not working so it looks like a rear end dismantle after all, still, give me a chance to clean the seldom seen bits.
Cheers, Gerry.Â