Convert hydraulic disaster!

I’ve discovered why the hyraulic oil line was leaking The thread in the hole under the engine/torque converter was knackered.I now have a shiny new pipe and no thread for the banjo screw to screw in!Mot is on Wednesday, wish I had let it drip till that was done!!I now need to helicoil it:- I live in thebottomend of Cornwall. (a very nice arse)It is a bank holiday tomorrow.I haven’t got a clue where I can find a supplier, tomorrow or Tuesday.I don’t suppose there are any Cornish riders out there who will know, are there?

I may be shot down again for writing this (on the basis that I’m torking bollox again) but recent MOT’s have implied (and by the tester saying so on one occasion) that oil leaks are now checked for on the test. So may not have been that simple.