Convert Pipes?

Is it possible to have the ends of my Convert’s ATF pipes re used on new pipes? Anyone done it?

Yes, I’ve done it. I took the old pipes to a local hydraulic hose repair company, and they fitted nice stainless braided hoses to the original end fittings.

Thanks for that, mine are looking a bit cracked and I don’t want them to give up the ghost when I’m back on the road.Is replacing them just a case of bolting them up and checking oil levels?

Yes, you lose about a third of the fluid when you take all the hoses
off. The main thing is to note what goes where and use new alloy washers
on all the fittings. The most common thing to go wrong with the hydraulic drive is the hex shaft that drives the pump in the timing chest tends to round off. Fitting a cut down good quality allen key is a common fix, but this can lead to the hex inside the pump shaft wearing instead… Guzzis eh…