Convert seat rail catches on tail unit

I have a 1976 Convert which I am restoring. A friend
of mine also has a 1976 model which is a low mileage bike that seems
extremely original in every respect. When lifting the seat up (original seat) on his bike, the rear
of the grab rail hits the paintwork on the plastic tail piece bending it slightly and marking it. In turn this does not allow the seat to lift high enough
to use the prop bar which is a right nuisance. Do you know if this is
normal for these bikes or is there something not right/updated/improved???ThanksJames

James2013-10-02 08:06:42

Mine used to catch the tailpiece with the original seat. Cured when I fitted the later seat which has a plastic base. As the tailpiece is supported on quite flimsy brackets and foam pads, it is possible to lower it slightly which may help.

Thanks for the reply Bikeralw, so I might need to modify if I want to retain the original seat then.James

Yep mine does it too I cut away the lip on the plastic cover it helps but it IS a built in bit of “character” lol by the way same seat tail unit on the G5 does the same thing too. I got a 2nd hand tail fairing and it had the characteristic rub mark on it.

I couldn’t work this out, so had to look at one, blimey

Mike me ol’ mate, Al and I have had the V1000 for many years … it catches, design … intricacy …