Convert things.

Hi Converteers, my bike has started to spin up a lot when pulling away smartly and also, sometimes, bogs down and doesn’t spin at all.
I have not started to investigate yet, just thought i’d pop off a post.

Also I have a whine (different to the missus but just as persistent) I think it is coming from the rear, but not sure as it is hard to pin point with helmet on.

I changed the fluids last year and haven’t really clocked up a great milage, so ideas welcomed.
Cheers John.


I don’t know, why would it whine, it’s hardly used?

Worth checking to see if the auto fluid is getting hot, had a previous Convert that whined on longish runs, fluid reservoir was hot to the touch, turned out the cooler was blocked with road crud and dead flies.

Will check that Duffo. Thanks.

I don’t know about the whine, but my Convert had a habit of bogging down, and it seems to have been cured by fitting a new pressure control spring on the AT pump. As you may know this is easily accessible under the cap on the timing cover. Although the new spring was the same length as the old one, I reasoned that at 36 years old and hundreds of heating/cooling cycles, the spring was well ready for changing…

I bought one of those a while ago, after another post, but haven’t got round to fitting it yet!

I think it was my post! At first I didn’t think it’d made any difference, but after several hundred miles of no bogging down I think it’s done the trick. Now I just need to find a cure for the pinking that has recently started. The timing is spot on, then I noticed white plugs so I’ve now lifted the carb needles a notch to richen up the fuel at low throttle openings.

No air leaks, Al? Also got one of the pressure springy things, but due to the stuff that needs to be shifted to access it, will wait till the timing chain replacement in the Autumn.

I’ve replaced the gaskets on the top of the carb slide covers, but I’ve noticed a bit of wear on the actual slides, with no doubt equal wear on the carb bodies. So I’m assuming wear equals air, hence raising the needles to add a bit more fuel. It does seem to have made a difference, but then again I’m testing riding solo, the pinking is more pronounced two up, loaded with gear, and accelerating from a standstill. Low ratio helps a bit, but unlike every other Guzzi rider, we Convert owners have no first gear to set off in.