Copdock Bike Show

Hi All, The Copdock committee have invited us back for the bike show on the 4th of September, so I’m making a call out for people to help out on the stand. We’ll need to set up the evening before, get some bikes on the stand for the day, man the stand during the day & pack up after it is all over.
I’ve requested a club pitch and put a call in to the Guzzi club for banners and some other stuff. We all had a great day last year so if you can help out in any capacity give me a shout out and I can keep you in the loop as things get organised :astonished:
Cheers, Andy.

Hi Andy, is that Sunday 4th Sept? If so I will be on my way to Mandello. It would seem so!

It’s a shame you’ll miss it as it is usually quite something as bike shows go!

Show-off !

I should be free that w/e Andy, so put me down as a likely helper.

Hooray! I got confirmation from the CCMC today for the club pitch and a fist full of bike passes to make us all official . . . :sunglasses: