Correct oil grade for V7 Classic

Recently had my V7 Classic serviced by a knowledgeable reputable Moto Guzzi dealer. At the time I did not notice on the invoice that they used Pro 4 10W-40 XP oil. However the handbook has a caution to use only 10W-60 grade oil. Wondering if I should change it or should the good quality 10W-40 be ok?

I stuck with the recommended 10 w 60 I bought from Opie Oils.

I would run for a while, and then change it early. A fresh 10w-40 is better than an old 10w-60, so you’re not so bad right now, for the short run.

Opie Oils all the way and go with their recommendation.

Take it back to the dealer and make them change the oil for the correct grade, no excuse for that.