Dash warning lamp with X and right arrow

Has anyone had this error come up on their dash? A lamp with a x through it with a right arrow and the red warning triangle. The bike runs fine. The warning tends to happen when at idle and disappears when revs are above 1700 or so. although I have noticed it above 2000 rpm. The charging voltage on the dash is between 13.8-14 v when I look at it. Does anyone have any ideas?

Indicators all working?

Yes I cant find any problems everything working ok.

Maybe the drinks cabinet has run out of tonic? :wink:

Pretty sure a bulb with an X through it means it thinks a bulb or lamp has failed. Could be an intermittent fault, lamp is going on and off while you’re riding it, due to vibration, but works OK when parked and you’re testing it.

I wish it had because I could do something about that. :unamused:

Sounds plausible, I will check all lights are secure, I do have a replacement headlight lamp in but have not noticed it flickering.

Dodgy connection in one of the RH indicators or where it plugs into the loom