Daytona heavy clutch !!

Maybe it’s the fact that my 95 Dr John has a racing clutch with heavy spring etc…but after experimenting with different cables , the clutch pull is still uncomfortably heavy…especially in town. Has anyone gone down the hydraulic conversion route ? …any information appreciated !

I am assuming you have gone down the Venhill cable route.

If a new cable hasn’t alleviated it, think you’re stuck with it. Not sure hydraulic will help that much if springs are basically ‘heavy’ to start with. Do understand your problem tho, personally I have quite enough aggro with the standard springs!

I fitted a Magura Jack system to my Sporti a few years ago, and although I am not sure why, the lever pressure seems to be less than it was with cable. It may be that I am accepting slightly less lift of the operating arm than I was with the cable, so am gaining a mechanical advantage. Please don’t ask for the model number, I just dug around the MX dealers till I found something that seemed vaguely suitable, then ran up a little extra spacer to get the overall length right. It doesn’t slip under power, and doesn’t drag at a standstill so I must have got something right. There was an added bonus that the master cylinder that I ended up with has an additional lever that can be put into use as the fast idle on the Sporti.Be aware the Magura doesn’t use DOT brake fluid, so you need two bottles in the workshop.HTH Phil

PhilPassmore2014-07-28 18:11:58

Yes I have used Venhill cables which helped a fraction, also read about the Magura system, but the maximum pull off 10 mm concerned me. …maybe a winter project awaits !

Are you certain that you have got the cable routing spot on? It makes a big difference on the Centauro.


Yes gone through the routing routine…incl frying cable and thumb on one occasion !!!