Daytona Overhaul

Hi I bought a Daytona Racing last year, unfortunately it has spent many years not being loved by previous owners.

The first job i did was to clean it, took many hours. I have rebuilt the brakes now they actually work (how it passed an MOT before I bought it I will never know).

Covered a few very enjoyable miles this year got to know it, now its time to do the many little jobs, oil leaks on the engine, clutch slips and smells of gearbox oil… While its apart for seals, gaskets and what ever else i find… Â I want to upgrade the oil pump and any other mods needed/recommended.

I have come across many recommendations for oil pump mods/ replacements including replacing the whole thing with V11/MGS-01 item, can anyone help with the best option?

Can you please recommend what else should be done and the best people to go to for parts/advise/machining etc ?Â

Many thanks


Hi…I have a series 1 Daytona with the C kit… Mite I suggest contacting  Guy at Guzzibits…he has a very special Daytona…he will probably lead yoy to his pal Bruce…

DAES oil pumps are worth the investment and the wait- got mine through Joe Caruso.


Hi Got the DAES oil pump and steel gears on order through Joe. Thanks for info.