I have fitted a replacement sump to my '82 Monza to cure an oil leak caused by a crack in the flange near a fixing screw hole.

The new sump is 13mm deeper than the old one. My engine is a PE series; is the sump I have fitted off a later series?

I can see that I will need to fit a longer bolt to hold the oil filter plate on but will I need a longer filter too?

Good question.
I’m guessing you’re right about the longer filter due to the distance between the sump base and the mating face of the engine/filter top.
Be interested in how it works out.
All the best

pe series had the smaller sump , the deeper sump was from the later short stroke v35 engine ( in the v35tt/ntx/florida) and then used on the breva and v7’s

I think you will need the later spec oil filter Oil Filter UFI 2553100 if your current one seems too short

Thanks for this info.

I have now fitted the deeper sump with the longer oil filter (which is exactly 13mm longer than the original filter which is the same as the difference in sump depths. I had to fit a 110mm bolt to secure the filter which is slightly longer than the original bolt length + 13mm (if you see what I mean!).

I’ll have to try and get a new dipstick/filler cap so the oil level marks are correct.

Everything seems nice and oil tight now. I’ll try and get the crack in the flange on the old sump welded up and offer it for sale.

would not bother with a dip stick hunt… not even sure the factory new what they were fitting…

poor exactly 2l in and mark the dipstick…