Dellorto Carb Manuals

Hi to all, Just a line to anyone who maybe interested. Eurocarb have reprinted two Dellorto carburettor manuals, “The Carburetor Manual” and " A Guide to choice and setting of Tapered needle Motorcycle carburettors" Just finished reading them both and found them very informative and I can now understand how my VHB carbs work. The cost is approx £15 for both. Checkout if you are interested. And I swear on my Big Ends I have no connection to them!!!

Ordered bit more bedtime reading
thanks for the link

Are they updates on the ones we can download from Greg Bender’s website?

“Dell’Orto stopped printing these a while ago but eurocarb ltd. have commissioned a re-print”

So probably not, just (?) reprints of something out of print. On actual real paper an’ evryfink.

I got the “A Guide 1”, it is good, also is how I learned all about 'em and could build my VHB’s to pristine-ness.

I Have bought both of the books very good quality very good drawings colour coded so you can easy see the differance between fuel and air etc
top marks Euro Carb