Did you miss me?

Nah, didn’t think so. Anyway, I’ve been MIA for the last year after I foolishly had some tests that revealed advanced prostate cancer. :astonished: “Worst I’ve seen,” said my quack cheerfully. “12 months maybe.” So I was put on hormone therapy, then on chemo, then that gave me an infection that turned into pneumonia so I ended up in A&E. And then my frigging house got flooded.

Anyway, with so much excitement going on I did the sensible thing and filmed it all and made a 6 part web series about my treatment. Here you go: My Beautiful Cancer.

Oh, and obviously I didn’t die as predicted. Not yet anyway. :stuck_out_tongue: That’s a very big thank you every day to the NHS and everyone who works there, and I’ll fight anyone who says anything different.

So what did I miss? Everyone still arguing over the website design? :smiley:

Not many left here to have a proper argument these days, glad to see you back and well done fighting the big C :smiley:

Nice to see you back , I went through the prostate cancer thing and I’m still here 6 years later .
I was also treated very well by the NHS and would fight their side any day .
Well done and live your life .
All the best from another survivor

Blimey. Well done to you (both).

Roy Green from the Forest of Dean

Welcome home fella and I’m glad that you are back safe n sound.

Not a lot been happening, weather has been to good to waste on t’internet.

Fingers crossed for the future.
Uh ho…Where the thumbs up smiley?

Glad to hear you’re back and as said it’s a bit echoey in here. A lot more happening on the Facebook site and on the other side. Just when I’ve got my arse into gear and am finishing off my Ambassador too.

Oh no, seriously? Have a lot of people left?

Good to see you back. Will you make it to Guzzifest?

Crikey you have been through the mill :astonished:

Welcome back Russki

There are still some of us adverse to Facebook on here

Hi mate . You came up in conversation yesterday at the summer camp . I suppose we all thought you had been in Russia watching the football.
Saw the clips ,you have had a tough time .
Good luck with the fight , hope to see you out and about somewhere soon.
Cheers mate .

Thanks for the welcome backs :smiley:

I signed up with the FaceBork group, but I am really really opposed to everything about FB so I’m reluctant to spend time there although I may try.

Lost track of rally dates because I accidentally let my membership lapse. I’ll definitely miss Guzzifest unfortunately, but I’m trying to work a way to get to Red Kite 3, probably via the Carpathian Mountains :stuck_out_tongue: Does anyone know if there are RK3 tickets left? I’ll be pissed off to ride 3,000 miles there and get told “mesto nyet”. I also fancy doing the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride if I can get my hand on some tweeds.

I don’t know you but wish you well after that lot of drama’s - I am 17 years on from Lymph Gland Cancer and still going strong so hang on in there you can beat it , all the very best to you and yours - Jim.

However, I do recall you posting and good to see you resume. Keep it up!

There might be some Rk3 tickets left. Normally they would say if they are sold out. Best to ring or PM Powys Paul or V7John.

There are still some tickets left and although they are pre-book, if you turn up after travelling all the way to find we’ve sold out I’ll make a special exception for you. будет особое место

If you do decide to set out for the Red Kite send me a PM if you get the chance.

My Nephew, who also owns a guzzi, but for his sins is driving a manky Mazda to Mongolia is going home through Russia
if you see a ginger fella give him a wave
its only a 2 seater and he has a mate with him otherwise you could cadge a lift
what about flying over and borrowing a bike for the rally ?

Did the Bristol D G R last year, and will be going again this year allbeing well.
We met at Gordano services and rode over Clifton suspension bridge and across the downs into Fowlers for tea, bacon baps and live music.
A great day for a great cause.

Hi Russki
On the subject of facebook, some pictures of a Moscow Guzzimeet came up t’other day

Almost the entire Russian MG Club in that pic. It’s Sparrow Hills in Moscow. Or Lenin Hills, to give it the correct name :smiley: I was there with them a couple of weeks ago.