I’m sure this has been done before but can’t find a specific answer for my bike - including looking in Guzziology
1995 California 1100 Carbie

Is the oil level taken with the dip stick screwed in or out (I’ve assumed it should be on the centre stand)?

Cheerstris2012-08-09 07:48:19

screwed in on all v twins.

On my Nevada Classic the reading on the dip stick is exactly the same if you:- have the bike up straight and screw it all the way in
:- leave the bike on it’s side stand and don’t screw in the dip stick.

I suspect that is luck.
But good luck.

Thanks Both

I’ll take a lookie at mine tonight CMD and see if it does the same

Ont thing you can alwayd do is NEXT time you do an oil change measure the oil in then check where it is on the dipstick in any way you like

centre stand is best really but screwed in or out and mark the dip accordingly.

When I put the extended sump on I hated the spada plastic dipstick, so I measured the oil in then marked the old dipstick accordingly.

BTW I got an extended sump, originally it had a homemade (or modified) dipstick to suit, but it broke off, so resorted to standard one, turns out what was ‘max’ is now about where ‘min’ is on standard, what a coincidence

On the main stand, screwed in. As was always the case

Measured volume - broke plastic crappy dipstick off cap and threw it into the bucket.

On center stand screwed in - bang on the top mark
On center stand screwed out - half full
On side stand screwed out - 1/2" over top mark

… CMDs trick dosen’t apear to work on a Cali

Corsa do a push pull dip stick for less than £30.00.
Easier to use and a lot better looking.
They don’t do one for the small blocks unfortunatly.

Is that the one brought out for the Norge as it was impossible to remove the screw ion one without taking most of the fairing off?
If so just check it has the right levels on for other big blocks.
Certainly saves all that agonising over whether it should be screwed in or not.

No this is an import from Harper (at less than Harpers Price!) for all big blocks.
Comes with a choice of rods which you have to mark yourself with a saw nick.