Dipstick, Cali' 3

OK, I know I’ve had the bike a while and changed the engine oil, never quite happy with the oil level and dipstick.I’m sure it doesn’t burn oil, but, the level seems to be just above the first horizontal ridge on the plastic dipstick, this is with the dipstick sitting on top of the thread and not fully screwed in.Having a senior moment here I’ve had bikes where the oil is checked with the dipstick sitting on top of the threads. I suspect the Guzzi is screwed in???

1150GS2013-05-26 07:51:46

Certainly on my 2004 model, it is checked with the dipstick screwed in. Even then, it’s not worth filling it right to the top mark, or you get oil dribbling out of the breather after a run.

On most Guzzis it is dipstick screwed in. However when I change the oil I drain it and refil with a measure.
Then go for a short run set it on the centre stand … let it settle for a while and re chech the dipstick. THEN I marked the stick as Guzzi are not always correct. I find with the V1000 just below the top level mark, by the width of the org mark is just right. If I fill it to the actual mark it does throw oil from the breather after a spirited run.

^ What they said. So if you checked for level screwed in instead, level would then show near the top mark. That’s what I’ve found. As Ken says best way to be sure what’s what is refill by measuring, then whatever it shows on the dipstick, screwed in, that is it then. HTH

Thank you, explains why I thought it was low.

Too much and it will blow thro the breathers especially on a quick run. They kinda find their own “Fill” level.

It is often the case that the best level is just below the actual “top” mark on the dipstick.

Yes it may tend to just blow off the excess anyway. R80’s certainly do that (and it all ends up in the air filter box and runs out the bottom)

I find leaving the V1000 ticking over on the side stand will promote some oil out of the breathers. maybe as it leans to the left rather alot on the Cali sidestand