Distributor spanner

I read in Haynes manual that a special tool can be obtained to loosen distributor or a spanner can be modified. Just wondering what others are using? (crows foot?)

I just used a normal spanner!

I just use the ring end of a combination spanner. It only moves in small increments but it does the job.

I bought a distributor spanner which has a long bent handle and 13mm ring spanner on the end. Snap On from an autojumble for a tenner. The Guzzi part is a T bar with a stubby 13 at the bottom. Just one of those tools that makes life easier.


I bought a Draper bent 13mm spanner.It is one of those tools you use once so ask at a club meeting.Someone should have something.

I made my own, and very handy it is too, saves a lot of frustration and swear words!


Crows foot for me. They used to be expensive but seem pretty affordable now.
All the best

I use a crows foot spanner. Very reasonable price for a full set.
All the best,

Brilliant tip thanks. I’d never heard of those but have ordered a set.